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Blyton Class (Yr 1)

Welcome to Blyton Class!


Mrs Roberts


Welcome to Year One!

Welcome to Blyton Class, and a brand new school year.   With a busy autumn term ahead, please make a note of the following:



Our allocated time slots for PE are Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. Please ensure your child has their full PE kit with them on these days, including outdoor footwear, to ensure they are able to take part in these sessions.  Occasionally our timetable routines are subject to change,  so I recommend leaving your PE kit in school all week. 


Home/School Diary

Your child’s success in school is dependent on a close working relationship between home and school. Your child has been given a home/school reading diary where all reading, homework and messages from me will be recorded.  Please ensure that this diary is brought to school every day, as this is a useful communication link between us. I will check your child’s home/school diary each morning for any messages from home.



In addition to reading each night, your child will be given weekly spelling words to practise and learn. A mental maths, reading or writing task will also be given each week. This short task should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete, and will help to reinforce key facts and consolidate our learning in class.  Homework will be sent home on Friday and collected back in for marking on Thursday morning. In accordance with our school’s homework policy, the completion of homework tasks at home will be closely monitored.

Please do not hesitate to come into class and see me as soon as possible, before the Thursday hand-in deadline, if you are worried or unsure about any of the homework tasks set. Children unable to complete their homework at home will be given time to complete it in school during their morning and/or lunchtime break.



Reading is an essential life skill; being able to read well is directly linked to success in school. As your child moves through year one, they will work hard to develop their understanding of phonics to enable them to segment and blend words to build their reading fluency and accuracy. Children will read every day in school through individual, guided, paired and whole class reading sessions, but it is vital that they continue to read at home, and your continued support with this is essential.  Each night, please sit with your child as they read to make sure they are reading the text as it is written and discussing the content of what they have read with them. I would be grateful if you could sign their reading record each night, confirming the book and number of pages you have read together. Please add any additional comments about their reading; sounds or words they recognised or struggled with or questions they were able or unable to answer about the text. Your child is expected to read at home every night and, in line with our school reading policy, I will closely monitor the quality and quantity of reading undertaken at home.



Your child will have a spelling focus each week. They will be given a list of ten words to practise and learn at home using the look, say, cover, write and check technique. These spelling words should be practised each night in preparation for a small spelling test on Friday. In addition to learning these given sets of words, children are also expected to practise and learn the Year 1 spelling words independently. These are high frequency words that children use regularly in their writing. Children are expected to be able to spell all of these words by the end of Year One. A list of these words have been included in your child’s homework diary for you to share at home.



At Yewdale, we offer a rich, broad and balanced curriculum.  Please find below an overview of our current topic ‘What was life like as a Roman?’  This curriculum overview shows all of the learning skills children in Year One will be developing in each subject this half term. 

Our curriculum coverage for each term is given below. 

Learning Goals

Check out the maths, writing and reading learning goals that children in year one are working hard to secure this half term.  Each goal is progressive, and as your child secures one step they will move onto the next to ensure they are always moving forward with their learning.

In maths, our focus is reading and writing numbers to 100 in numerals.  In writing, we are securing the accurate formation of lower case and capital letters, and in reading we are learning to recall and talk about the main characters in a famailiar text. 

Blyton News - Read All About It!

Want to know what we get up to in Year One? Then check out our latest news stories and learning activities below.

Mastering Numbers

In Blyton, we are working hard to secure our understanding of numbers from 0 to 20.  We know that numbers can be represented in different ways using numerals, words and pictorial representations. Through a series of practical investigations and challenges, we have been learning to recognise, read, and correctly form numbers, to use the language of more than, less than, equal to, most and few, and to accurately order numbers from smallest to biggest and place them on a blank number line.



In our first unit of fiction,  we dived into the magical 'Rags to Riches' story of The Tin Forest by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.  We used this quality text to develop our understanding of writing 'super' sentences using a capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  As grammar detectives, we were introduced to nouns as naming words and adjectives as describing words.  We identified and categorised the nouns we found in our story into people, places, animals, objects and ideas.  We created word banks full of exciting adjectives to help us begin to describe the familiar nouns we found in our shared text.   

Sticky Reading!


We are helping each other to get better at reading.  Each day for 15 minutes, we grab a lolly stick, a book and our 'sticky' reading buddy  and we dive into our reading.  We practise our speed sounds and tricky words at the front of our book, before reading aloud to one another. 


Roman Shield Designers

Children were challenged to design and make a roman gladatorial shield as part of their learning in Design and Technology.  They researched the history of traditional roman battle shields and explored different designs on the internet, noticing shape, colour and pattern.  Children then used the ideas they found to plan and design their own battle shield.  Children sketched their idea and listed the materials needed to construct their shield.

Young Chemists - Investigating Materials

An assortment of wood, plastics, glass and metal objects, trays of water, rocks and stones were placed around the classroom for children to investigate. Children were asked to look closely at each material and describe what they could see, feel, smell and hear when they handled it. They shared their ideas and compared the properties of the different materials. Children worked in small teams to label and annotate a recording sheet with the name and properties of each material.

Musical Storytelling

In music, we have been exploring the musical instruments in school and comparing the sounds that they make. We know that different things make different sounds when we hit, shake or play them. We practised making different sounds with the same instrument, exploring volume, beat and tempo. We listened to the story of King Midas and the Golden Touch.  Mrs Roberts challenged us to create a soundtrack to accompany a retelling of this famous tale.  We were challenged to choose our own instruments and combine different sounds to create accompaniments that matched the events and characters in the story.  We performed our retelling to the rest of the class. 

National Phonics Screening Tests for children in Year One

Please click on the link below to see how your child will be tested in phonics in June.