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Mrs Wise

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Welcome to Year 2's web page and we hope you enjoy looking at some of the exciting things we have done together this year! 



Please make a note of the following:

PE: Our allocated PE slots are now on a Tuesday morning and a Wednesday afternoon, however, occasionally routines may change so I recommend leaving your PE kit in school all week. We have  coaches from William Howard Secondary School leading our PE sessions this Autumn term!

Homework: Homework will be given out each Friday to be returned by the following Thursday. In year 2 weekly homework will consist of: daily reading (10 minutes), spellings, mental maths, one piece of English homework and one piece of Maths homework (usually to consolidate the previous weeks learning). Homework relating to our Topic may be given to replace either Maths or English work. Spellings and Maths Facts will be tested each Friday morning. To adhere to the homework policy, homework must be completed on a Thursday dinner time if it is not handed in on Thursday morning (the homework policy is on our web site). Also, please can your child bring their current reading book and reading diary to school every day - this will help me to identify which children need to move up our class 'Reading Beanstalk' and who deserves a reward on a Friday afternoon for reading at home at least 4 times during the week.


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This weeks Learning Gem goes to...

This weeks Learning Gem goes to... 1
This weeks Learning Gem goes to... 2
This weeks Learning Gem goes to... 3
This weeks Learning Gem goes to... 4
This weeks Learning Gem goes to... 5
This weeks Learning Gem goes to... 6
This weeks Learning Gem goes to... 7
This weeks Learning Gem goes to... 8




 Our 'Recommended Reads' so far...

Books we recommend for you to read...

What are we getting up to this Autumn Term?                                             Fall leaves fall clip art autumn clipart

'Footprints from the Past; The Lost World' 

As the entry point to our Autumn Topic, we brainstormed how to find out about the past and the children discussed using computers and the internet, looking in books, pictures, photographs, maps, visiting the library, museums, talking to older people and looking at objects from the past. Just after we'd mentioned artefacts... a dinosaur dig and excavation site happened to appear in the classroom after lunch break! With the help of an expert paleontologist, we carefully unearthed the fossils that pieced together to make a complete skeleton of a dinosaur but what species was it? It's head looked fierce with pointy teeth like a T-Rex, it's tail was long like a Brachiosaurus and it's claws were sharp and pointy like a Velociraptor (but it smelled of biscuit! How strange!)surprise

Art and Design

We have started looking at Pop Art! We expressed out opinions about different works of Pop Art and discussed the features of the style; bold, bright, fun, 'cartoony', 'quirky', complementary colours, dots, speech bubbles, black outlines and random everyday objects as the subject of each artwork.


We have begun to look at print as a means of creating our own 'pop artwork'. We noticed how lots of Pop Art uses complimentary colours and repeat print tiles of the same stamp so we designed our own dinosaur printing stamp. We are going to create a relief print by etching into a surface to repeat print our stamp using opposite colours on the colour wheel. We'll upload and share our fabulous work once we have stamped it out!

What's Happening in the Wider World? 

The first ever Emergency Services Day (also known as 999 Day) in the United Kingdom is to be an annual event on 9th September to promote efficiency in the UK Emergency Services, to educate the public about using the emergency services responsibly, and to recognise the incredible work of all those in the services. 

In Dahl Class, we took a break from our hard work to stop, think and reflect on the importance of the emergency services and the hard working heroes who put their lives at risk and place others before themselves everyday. We thought about and shared some of the times that we had needed the help of the emergency services.     

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Anti Bullying Week:

In circle time, we discussed what a 'bully' is. What do they look like? How do they behave? We decided that a bully can look like anyone, even like you and me, and it is actually wrong to label anyone as a 'bully' as there is no such thing! It is the behaviour of people that is sometimes bullying and not the person themselves. People sometimes behave in ways that are unkind and it is these behaviours that are hurtful and harmful. If we eliminate these cruel and upsetting behaviours, and concentrate on our responsibility and accountability to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves, we can celebrate friendship, uniqueness, difference, confidence and happiness. 

Our True Colours Anti-Bullying video/song.

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We researched the different periods of the Mesozoic Era (the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods) and made a habitat in a box...

Some of our BFG dream jars.

Some of our BFG dream jars.  1
Some of our BFG dream jars.  2
Some of our BFG dream jars.  3
Some of our BFG dream jars.  4
Some of our BFG dream jars.  5
Some of our BFG dream jars.  6
Some of our BFG dream jars.  7
Some of our BFG dream jars.  8
Some of our BFG dream jars.  9
In Elliot's Emerald Phizzwizard dream ... a skateboard-surfing caterpillar lives in Minion Land with his vegetable friends, Tom Ato and Brocc O'Leigh (who have an endless supply of all things healthy that towers up to the sky). The caterpillar helps a little boy to fight his fear of munching vegetables with the help of an amusing minion who sprays the vegetables with giggle gravy from his giggle gun. The veggies cause the little boy to tell the funniest stories and jokes and he becomes the most popular story-teller in the world. Everybody wants to be his friend and the little boy not only discovers the funny side of eating a healthy diet, but realises that friends can come in all shapes and sizes. As the caterpillar grows older, the little boy thanks him for transforming his life and helps him to build a cocoon for his own transformation. The little boy waits in anticipation for the caterpillar to emerge and when the day finally arrives, the caterpillar is transformed into the most magnificent butterfly ever seen. The little boy and the butterfly travel the world together riding clouds, spreading fun and happiness. They beam from ear to ear and cry tears of joy as they paint rainbows across the sky. Have you ever wondered why it is sunny and raining when you see a rainbow? Well now you know why!