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The Jungle Book

In Literacy, our classic fiction focus is The Jungle Book but Rudyard Kipling. We have used our growing Thesaurus skills to describe the characters so far and have thought about if we were adopted by an animal who would it be and what lessons they would teach us.

Explanation texts

In English we are learning how to write Explanation texts. We started by identifying the key features by ordering three examples into 'Earth', 'Moon' and 'Stars'. We used good amethyst communication and opal enquiry to spot the features in the texts then decide what order to put them in.

Peer assessment - We are getting much better at using our communication and co-operation powers of learning when peer assessing our work. With lots of practise, we are able to spot the mistakes our parnter has made and praise them for the excellent work they have done.

Visit to Carlisle library

We went to visit the library to find how to use it. We were very lucky as the day we arrived they had just had a delivery of new library books, we all borrowed some books to read at home.

Class Dicken's now all have library cards so we can visit the library as many times as we like!

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Drama work

Freeze frame in role as a character from Street Child by Berlie Doherty.

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We have been learning how to use relative clauses in our writing as well as relative pronouns, pairs of commas and embedded clauses.

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