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Visit from United Utilities

We had an absolutely fantastic afternoon with Jayne, who works at United Utilities. She taught us absolutely lots about our topic and even helped us to become more responsible citizens by giving us ways to save water.


We thought that it was the best learning we had ever done and absolutely loved the experiments that she gave us to do!


Read below to see our pictures and find out all about what we learned from Jayne.

Who are United Utilities?

We began by discussing United Utilities and what they do. We learnt that they are in charge in providing homes with clean and safe water to our house and they also take away our dirty water      .

We discussed how water is a very precious material and we learnt that we would only survive for 3 days without water and you will begin to dehydrate. We discussed how water is colourless, odourless and transparent. So how does it get to be like that?

Cold open water is very dangerous!

We learnt about a young boy called Dylan who went into the water and unfortunately died after getting cold water shock. His heart stopped and the helpers could not resuscitate her. Dylan’s mum is determined to pass on a message to ensure that children know that if there are no life guards, there should be no swimmers! We talked about water safety and know that we need to ensure that there is always an adult keeping an eye on us while swimming.


Here is the story about Dylan:

The natural water cycle

Where do we get our water from?

Jayne told us all about the journey of water and we used the vocabulary precipitation, evaporation and condensation!


Jayne told us lots of interesting details about how the precipitation is collected and stored in reservoirs and we were able to share what we have learnt about reservoirs. Jayne told us that the water is taken to a water treatment centre where chlorine is added to get rid of bacteria.


After this the water is piped to our houses in these pipes. The thick large ones are called mains pipes and then smaller service pipes are used to branch off to houses.


The time we took was... 52 seconds

This was 40 seconds faster than the year 6! AND the best ever score Jayne has seen in any of the schools that she has worked at! Well done Year Five!

Jayne told us that the water we use today has been on the planet for millions of years and as it is reused a dinosaur could have drank the same water as us or a famous footballer could have washed his kit in the water or a celebrity could have bathed in the water that we are now drinking!

Caution this information is a DISGUISTING!


Jayne told us about how our dirty water goes down to the sewers to be treated again before going into a river. She showed us a picture of a normal sewer and then showed us a picture of an older sewer where people had flushed things that they shouldn't have down the toilet. The build up is called the fatburg because it all sticks to the oil and fat that goes down our kitchen sink. Here is a picture of a fatburg



We were also shocked to find out that our poor old goldfish often do not make it to goldfish heaven via the toilet and they get stuck in the fatberg too. So goldfish burials are the way forward folks                                                                                                  !

Do you know how much water we use daily?

A drink = 0.25l

A bath = 80l

A quick shower = 20l

Flushing the toilet - 9l


But as water is so valuable and we cannot create water easily - how are we going to sustain this usage?


We talked about how to save water at home and at school.