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Welcome to Yewdale Primary School

Wilson Class (Yr 1)

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Class teacher - Mrs Lloyd

Tuesday and Thursday - Miss Burns

Teaching Assistant - Miss Hayhow





Recommended Reads

Recommended Reads 1 Dylan recommends the Dinosaur that pooped the bed.

The dinosaur that pooped the bed is about a dinosaur who eats everything and his friend a little boy.  I like it because it rhymes and makes me laugh.


Picture 1 Alfie recommends the dinosaur that pooped the past

The book is about a dinosaur and a little boy. They eat Grannie’s green food. The dinosaur goes on an adventure and poops! I like the book because it is funny and it makes me laugh.

Our World - Discovering Carlisle

This half term, our young geographers will explore their local environment, and know that Yewdale is part of the city of Carlisle. They will use aerial and street maps to locate our school and their homes on the map. They will begin to notice map symbols, simple compass points and use directional language to read the maps and follow the routes. They will look at man-made (houses, roads, pathways and railways) features depicted on the map and those that are natural (woods, parkland, lakes and rivers). Children will then create their own map of their local area using pictures and symbols.

Romans Invade Yewdale!


To help us celebrate the end of our roman topic, children were invited to come into school dressed as one of the roman people, from 2000 years ago, that we studied during our topic. Our classroom was invaded by roman gladiators and centurions wearing body armour and helmets and brandishing swords and shields, wealthy romans adorned in colourful silk robes and jewellery, and poor roman slaves wearing thin, colourless tunics. During the day, our young romans marched in tight formation around the school, tasted traditional roman foods, used pattern and symmetry to make a roman mosaic picture, used roman coins to create coin rubbing pictures, wrote non-fiction information captions about their chosen character and built a model of a roman soldier.

Busy Romans!

Busy Romans! 1
Busy Romans! 2
Busy Romans! 3
Busy Romans! 4
Busy Romans! 5
Busy Romans! 6
Busy Romans! 7
Busy Romans! 8
Busy Romans! 9

Our Roman Artefact Museum

In our non-fiction unit of writing, we have been exploring labels and captions.  We know that labels and captions are used to give a reader more information about a picture, a person, a place or an object.  We practised writing simple labels for some of the objects found in our classroom.  We then had a go at writing more detailed captions, describing each object.  We looked closely at the contents of a roman artefact box loaned to us from Tullie House and arranged the interesting objects in a 'pop-up' roman museum.  In pairs, we labelled each artefact and wrote a detailed caption for each, describing its appearance and explaining its purpose.   We then opened our museum to visitors, inviting children in Year 2 to explore and learn about the artefacts on display. 

Our Roman Museum

Whizz! Crackle! Pop! Firework Art with a bang!


Children in Year One were selected to take part in an annual workshop to create firework inspired music and art for the upcoming Carlisle Fire Show. The workshop was led by artist and graphic designer Kate Gilman Brundrett and musician, composer and director of BlueJam, Jilly Jarman.

Kate shared images of exploding fireworks and collected children’s ideas about the colours, shapes and patterns they could see. She then asked our young artists to design their own firework explosions using chalks, oil and chalk pastels and wax crayons. She photographed children’s work to use in her final design which will decorate the stage at the Fireshow.

Jilly then played a medley of classical, rock and film score music inspired by fireworks, and challenged children to create their own firework medley using percussion instruments to create lots of banging, crashing, whizzing and popping sounds. Jilly recorded their rhythmic ideas, chants and snatches of melody and will feed these into the final soundtrack which will be played live at the Fireshow.

Our Firework Gallery

Our Firework Gallery  1
Our Firework Gallery  2
Our Firework Gallery  3
Our Firework Gallery  4
Our Firework Gallery  5
Our Firework Gallery  6
Our Firework Gallery  7
Our Firework Gallery  8
Our Firework Gallery  9
Our Firework Gallery  10
Our Firework Gallery  11
Our Firework Gallery  12
Our Firework Gallery  13
Our Firework Gallery  14
Our Firework Gallery  15