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Welcome to Yewdale Primary School

Year 6- Shakespeare

Welcome to Shakespeare Class

Year Six

Miss A Carroll -Class Teacher

Miss Z. Swailes - High Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Welcome to Shakespeare Class.  We are the oldest children in school and take our responsibilities as role models very seriously. Many of us have important jobs around school which help daily activities run smoothly. You may meet some of us if you choose to come and look around our school- we look forward to giving you a warm welcome!


Please remember that PE takes place on Thursdays and Fridays. 

All children must have their kit in school and appropriate footwear. For the Spring term PE will be indoors, please ensure your child/children have shorts, a school t-shirt and trainers or plimsolls. All children will need their swimming kits on a Thursday.

Homework is set on Friday and due in on the following Thursday. 

Please help your child at home by encouraging them to read at least 5 times a week, as well as practise their times tables, including related division facts. 

Dojo points will be awarded to children who record reading at least 5 times a week. 

All children should bring a water bottle to school.

So our final day has arrived.  This morning we have enjoyed 'survivor' - a session in the PGL woods learning how to build a shelter, whittle a stick using a knife or lighting tinder with a flint and steel in order to start a fire.  Our instructor taught us lots of '3' facts about how long people can survive without certian things.  Why not ask us when we get home?!


We also completed the vertical challenge.  A series of climbing challenges to the top of the structure in order to ring the bell at the top.  This gave us the final opportunity to practise our belaying and climbing skills.


We are on our way home with lots of washing for our parents!  But more than that, fantastic stories and memories to share about the challenges we set ourselves and all that we have achieved.


On a personal note, I would like to thank the children for 'being the best they could be' this week.  They have represented the school well and I am very proud of everything they have done. My thanks goes to Mr Jackson too for giving up his week to make this trip possible for our Year 6 children.  May you all sleep well tonight and wash well too!

Mrs Lloyd

Thursday turned out to be a good weather day with the odd shower and some lighter winds gusting around lunchtime.  So we had a super time on all the activities.


During archery we learnt how to safely shoot arrows at the target - everyone hit the target too rather than the surrounding grass area!  We played games about going on hoilday, all dependent on where our arrows landed. 


Abseiling was a total success for everyone!  Everyone managed to get to the top of the tower, even if they then used the stairs to return to feet on the soil!  A real achievement today - the leaders were so proud.


Our challenge to build a raft during the afternoon went well, well at least to start with!  The children planned and built the rafts successfully, it just proved tricky to get everyone on it without getting wet and then keeping everyone on - that was impossible!  Lots of water everywhere and lots of wet, dirty clothes, and children!  Much more fun that way.


Trapeze was the final task of the day.  Simply climb up a wooden pole, stand on a wobbly platform at the top and then jump off to hit a ball.  What could possibly be simpler?!  Again lots of proud faces as we set ourselves goals and achieved them.


Friday, our final day dawns.  Packing has started, clothes are being stuffed in to bags and lost socks are being found.  We will be learning survival skills and completing the vertical challenge before returning home on Friday.

Mrs Lloyd

After a good sleep and a hearty breakfast, we were off for another day of adventures and fun!

Wednesday saw us challenged with all things upwards, as well as testing our communication and team work skills.


We took part in Jacob's ladder; a series of long pole ladder rungs where we have to work as a team of climbers to reach the top.  Everyone achieved their own personal goals, some reaching the top, others climbing just a couple of rungs.


The giant swing was next!  Lots of screams, shouts and laughing as we were pulled up higher by our friends before finally pulling the cord and swinging across the top of the trees!


The afternoon saw us balancing like cats along the poles between the two trees.  Cat walk really allowed us to challenge ourselves and Mrs Lloyd and Mr Jackson were extremely proud of the fact that everyone managed to climb at least the ladder - no mean feat in itself - especially if heights are a challenge to you.


Finally before dinner, we had to work as a team to solve lots of problems.  These included the human knot, the fishing game and directions for the group with no sound.


Alot of fun today and alot of challenge by choice.  The group are impressing themselves, us and the staff at PGL.  Another exciting day dawns on Thursday - let's hope the rain that is forecast doesn't dampen our spirits!  Raft building, trapeze, abseiling and archery await us.

Mrs Lloyd



Tuesday was a fantastic day!  The sun shone once the cloud broke, the activities promised fun, excitment and challenge and everyone had slept well.


The groups today were treated to a paddle in a canoe, several trips on the zip wire, followed by the ultimate climb up a 75 foot tree and a nature trail around the site - we all got to see a red squirrel.


All activities operate on what PGL call 'challenge by choice' so each time we are faced with an activity, children are encouraged to look at what they are comfortable with and what would be trickier for them and then they set themselves a goal of what they would like to achieve.  For some, this is completing the climb or jumping in the lake, for others it might be putting the safety gear on and standing at the top of a tower.  All of the children achieved amazing personal challenges on Tuesday and they have a great sense of pride in what they have done so far.


As Wednesday dawns, the children are fast asleep, recharging their batteries ready for another splendid day - the giant swing, Jacob's ladder, cat walk and problem solving await us.

Mrs Lloyd

Good evening parents.

We have arrived safely and all is well at PGL Dalguise.  My sincere apology that this message did not reach you earlier this afternoon.  The little reception found on site has disappeared since arriving, not aided by the showers that we have had.  However, everyone is in great spirits, a good feast at dinner was enjoyed by all and the children have been delightful during our evening activity!


They were set a series of challenges in order to win equipment that they could then use to construct a 'carrier' for a water balloon.  The first challenge was a team spell challenge - how many children can you spot in the photos spelling the word 'dance' with their bodies?!  A frizbee throw, a draw Mrs Lloyd challenge (oh my - I look like the Honey Monster!) and a 'how many countries can you name' challenge followed, before the construction took place and the water balloons were launched from a balcony.  None survived!


Bedtime is fast approaching now and I'm sure that they will all sleep well.  We have a fun packed day ahead tomorrow with a trip on the zip-wire, a paddle in a canoe and a climb up the big tree planned.

Mrs Lloyd

Term 6 topic - The United Kingdom

This term Year 6 will be getting ready for their end of year performance - Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies.

Topic launch

We planned the route from Carlisle to Sherwood Forest, Nottingham. We stitched the route using back stitch. We planned the quickest route as well as finding alternative routes. Sherwood Forest is approximately 170 miles away and would take about 3 hours by car.

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Royal wedding 2018 celebrations


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Celebrating finishing SATs. Our resident cake maker, Shaun, baked and decorated a cake so we could celebrate finishing SATs. Thanks Shaun it was delicious!
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David Hockney Harvest Moon Art by Shakespeare Class

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Term 3 Learning Goals

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