Dear Parents/Carers

Priority Childcare for those in Priority Jobs

Now that we know that schools will close from Monday for all children, we are planning for the necessary arrangements for priority childcare.  We are exploring the possibility of opening for priority childcare in the short term.  As with the rest of Cumbria, we are working to ensure that key essential personnel such as NHS and social care employees can attend work knowing that childcare provision is in place.  This will enable them to care for seriously ill people and ensure public services are maintained.

We are asking families in these circumstances to give us the key information:


  1. If you require priority childcare, please complete the following survey by 9am on Friday, 20 March: The information collected will be deleted if it is not required.
  2. Please also complete Cumbria County Council’s online form at the following link:

This is our short-term response to events as they develop.  We will keep in close contact with all parents as we work together with Cumbria County Council to ensure we can provide the best possible support to our children, parents, county and country.

Yours sincerely

Joanne Lloyd