Teaching children to become confident, competent readers and inspiring a lifelong love of literature is one of the most important jobs in education. In synthetic phonics lessons, children learn the relationship between letters and sounds. Teaching them to recognise the sounds each letter makes and how to put them together, enables them to read. It also helps them with spelling as they learn how to break up words into sounds, in order to spell them. At Yewdale Primary School we provide high-quality, consistent teaching methods using the DFE accredited Little Wandle programme to support children on their journey to become independent, fluent readers.

As well as teaching for purpose, we embrace reading for pleasure at Yewdale Primary School and celebrate and promote positive attitudes towards reading in all forms.

Once children have reached the expected fluency level, whole class reading sessions are delivered to develop important reading comprehension skills. Opportunities for all children to practice reading are maximised daily across the curriculum with a drive on developing oracy skills, expanding vocabulary and deepening comprehension.